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Then you've come to the right place! As a student, you usually study directly in or around a major city like Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin or Hanover. This can be a great advantage when looking for an attractive and well-paid student job, because numerous trade fairs and events take place in major German cities every year. For these, companies are constantly looking for event staff that they can book. Apply now to our hostess agency Frankfurt and benefit from our agency service.


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Why the hostess job is so attractive

The location of most universities is often where many companies come each year for events and trade fairs. Events like these are becoming increasingly popular and attract more international entrepreneurs and guests - which is why the number of hostesses needed is increasing! But why choose to become a hostess instead of moonlighting at the nearest supermarket or café? In addition to varied tasks and attractive compensation, you get admission to exciting events, meet new people and are not scheduled on a weekly basis. Does that sound good? Then apply at our Hostess Agency Frankfurt!


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These are your tasks as a hostess

The job of a hostess is very versatile. Therefore, you may encounter different tasks. Generally, you are often involved in the preparation and follow-up process, which means that you can be involved in setting up and dismantling the stand. At our hostess agency in Frankfurt, you can work as a trade fair hostess, mainly handing out gifts and flyers to guests and getting actively involved yourself. You can also work in the cloakroom, where you take in visitors' clothes and valuables and stow them away neatly. You can also work as a reception hostess. You are there to greet guests and answer their first questions.

Another often advertised field of activity is that of service hostess. As such, you are primarily responsible for serving food and drinks to guests. The demand for foreign-language hostesses is also increasing. As trade fairs are becoming more international, it is important to be able to address international customers and, if possible, to speak different foreign languages.

Two very popular jobs are those of VIP and chief hostess. The former is someone who looks after special guests such as celebrities, politicians or CEOs. You take on many tasks at once, but in that case only for these specified "special people". The job of chief hostess is the most sought-after. You lead the team and are the organiser's interlocutor. You have a lot of responsibility as you have to motivate the team and take care of the schedule. Grid girls, who appear more often at car events, or promoters are also often sought after.

So you see: there is a hostess job for everyone!



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Jobs at Hostess Agency Frankfurt

The Hostess Agency Frankfurt arranges hostess jobs in the event sector of any kind. This can be for example fairs like the FiBo, events like the Comic Con or motorsport events like the Hockenheimring.

In the Hostess Agency Frankfurt you are in good hands, because we provide you with serious professional job offers. With us you have the possibility to choose flexibly between the job offers. You will be informed regularly by mail about new job offers. You can always decide for yourself whether and which job you would like to accept. If you accept a job request, you will receive a briefing from us or from the customer, in which all important information is included.

If you have any questions, we are always your contact and are always available to advise you. Our Hostess Agency Frankfurt offers you job opportunities throughout Germany: For example, we are also active as a hostess agency in Munich, Hanover, Berlin and Düsseldorf. Apply online at our Hostess Agency Frankfurt.


You need these requirements

There are some requirements you should meet if you are considering starting a part-time job as a hostess:

  • Open-minded and outgoing: Since you will be meeting a lot of strangers, it is important not to be shy and to be able to approach your conversation partners.  
  • A well-groomed appearance: You will be representing a company at events, so you should dress appropriately and take care of your appearance.
  • Manners: You will meet many different people. You should treat everyone with good manners.
  • Patience and perseverance: Even if you are not approached by guests for a long time, the motto is: always smile and stay confident. 
  • Language skills: Due to the international nature of events, it is becoming increasingly important to be able to speak fluent English as a hostess. Knowledge of foreign languages is definitely an advantage. 


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